Carrying bulky luggage on a trip abroad can be a hindrance during your stay or a real obstacle course when you have to use crowded public transportation. Carrying luggage makes you tired and stressed when you are supposed to be on vacation.

Thanks to our partner Luggage-Free Travel, you no longer need to worry about your luggage. Luggage-Free Travel takes care of everything by picking up your luggage upon arrival or at the hotel reception and then shipping it to the desired location (airport or accommodation).

In addition, a same-day round-trip delivery service between Narita or Haneda airport and your hotel in Tokyo is available.

Please note that due to the coronavirus epidemic, all Luggage-Free Travel services are suspended as of April 14, 2020 (date of resumption to be indicated later)

Get a 5% discount by entering the code tgj032020
when ordering in the « coupon code » box (see step 8)



1) First, go to Luggage-Free Travel and select the English language (top of the page). Start by clicking on “Instant Quote” and select the desired itinerary. Then select the size and number of bags. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and make selections from the drop-down menus. Finally, you’ll get a quote.

Note: a reservation can be made up to 70 days before the desired date.

STEP 1: Click on “Instant Quote »

STEP 2: Select your shipping information

STEP 3: Select the size and number of bags

STEP 4: Get a quote and click on “Proceed to booking”

2) By clicking on “Proceed to Booking”, you accept the quote and you will now enter more detailed information in order to validate the booking. In particular, you will need to create an account in order to make the payment and receive the reservation number and the QR code.

Below, the procedure in detail:

STEP 5: Please enter all the necessary details to make the reservation (type of itinerary, date, name of the airport or hotel…etc.)

STEP 6: All that remains is to click on “Confirmation” to validate the reservation

3) In order to make the payment, you will need to create an account. If you already have an account, you can log in directly. Otherwise, you will be prompted to register. Enter your name, email address, desired password and country of residence.

* The password must be composed of alphanumeric characters only. Symbols cannot be used.

Below is the procedure for creating an account:

STEP 7: Create a new account and enter the requested information (Name, first name, address…etc.) then click on “Create a new account” at the bottom of the page. You will get the summary of your reservation.

ÉTAPE 8: To receive a 5% discount on the total amount of your order, please enter the code « tgj032020 » in the coupon code box. You will only have to proceed to the payment at the bottom of the page to validate your reservation by clicking on “Proceed to payment by credit card”. You will then receive your reservation number and the QR code to present on site.

4) « Trouver un Guide au Japon (Find a Guide in Japan) » can advise you on the itinerary and answer all your questions regarding your stay. However, once you have booked a luggage transfer, please contact our partner directly via:

Chat service available on: Luggage-Free Travel (by clicking on the little helmet on the right on the homepage)

Available languages: Japanese and English


  1. Is registration of user information required?
    Yes, registration of the user’s information required for sending is necessary.
  2. Is the application only possible from abroad?
    No, it can be done from abroad or from Japan.
  3. Do I have to pay in cash?
    Payment is made via the credit card registered by the user at the time of registration.
  4. Can I cancel a reservation? Are there any cancellation fees?
    Cancellation is possible via My online page. If you cancel before your luggage is picked up, no fee will be charged. If you have not been able to check in your luggage despite having made a reservation, no cancellation fee will be charged. If you cancel after checking in your luggage, a cancellation fee of 100% of the amount will be charged.
    Please consult :
  5. Is it possible to modify a reservation ?
    It is only possible to change the number of bags at the time of pick-up. To change the date of use, the delivery date, the origin or destination establishment, you must first cancel (without charge) and then make a new reservation.
  6. Is there any insurance in case of damage, delay, etc. of luggage?
    Luggage-Free Travel follows the Terms and Conditions of TA-Q-BIN services set by Yamato Transport Co, Ltd. which handles the shipment. The liability limit per baggage item is 300,000 yen. Please see the link below for more details. in Japanese | in English
  7. Can I track my luggage after it has been picked up?
    E-mails are sent at the time of baggage pick-up (when Yamato Transport collects your baggage) and baggage delivery (when Yamato Transport delivers your baggage to the delivery address) to the email address registered by the user during registration. You can also contact the call center (Japanese or English language) or use the tracking system to check the status of your delivery.
  8. 8. Is it impossible to use the service without an Internet connection?
    It is not possible to use the service. An Internet connection is required.
  9. Are there any items that cannot be shipped?
    Only hand luggage such as suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, etc. or boxes whose total length + width + height and weight do not exceed 160 cm / 25 kg can currently be sent. In addition, items that are not normally accepted by TA-Q-BIN services such as cash or dangerous items cannot be sent.
  10. Where can I send my luggage?
    You can send your luggage to over 12,000 accommodations, airports, etc. in the Luggage-Free Travel network. This list is constantly growing.
  11. 11. Is it possible to send luggage to or from another accommodation facility than mine?
    It is not possible.
  12. Where can I send my luggage from?
    You can send your luggage from any agency (hotels, airports, tourist information centers) equipped with an LFT pick-up terminal.
  13. How many points are currently available for shipping?
    There are currently 900 points but the list is constantly growing.
  14. From which airports can the shipment be made?
    Shipments can be made from the 12 airports of Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu Centrair, Shin-Chitose, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Oita and Kitakyushu. Other airports are gradually joining this list.
  15. Can the number and/or size of baggage items be added/changed at the time of pick-up?
    Yes, additions and changes are possible at the pick-up terminal.
  16. 16. Can a representative (including a guide, chaperone, etc.) apply as a group?
    Yes, the representative can make a group application.
  17. What languages are available?
    9 languages are available: English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean, Thai, Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese. Please note that for chat communications or calls made to Luggage-Free Travel, the available languages are: Japanese and English.
  18. If the date or time of the reserved shipping formalities has passed, is it possible to use the service?
    No. As the reservation is invalidated, you will have to make a new reservation via My Page.
  19. Is it possible to complete the shipping formalities in advance of the date or time reserved for handing over the luggage?
    Yes, it is possible. However, if the pick-up date and time are changed, you must first cancel (at no charge) and then make a new reservation.