The Nakasendo between Magome and Tsumago is an ancient historic route in Japan that offers an authentic experience of rural Japan. This picturesque stretch spans approximately 8 kilometers and provides a hiking trail through valleys, streams, and lush forests. The well-preserved villages of Magome and Tsumago allow visitors to immerse themselves in traditional Japanese life with narrow streets, wooden houses, and delicious local cuisine. It’s a journey back in time that offers a fascinating contrast to the modernity of Japan’s big cities.


A full day with a guide is as follows:

8amDepart from Nagoya. If you are staying on site, the guide will come to your hotel or home. Otherwise, a meeting point will be decided beforehand.
10amArrival in Magome.
10am - 2.30pm8km hike on the famous Nakasendo between Magome and Tsumago. Lunch on the way.
3pmDeparture from Magome.
5pmBack to Nagoya.

-Hiking also possible in the other direction: from Tsumago (coming from Matsumoto) to Magome.


Full day
1 person¥36,000
(approx. $234.87)
2 people¥19,000
(approx. $123.96)
3 people¥14,000
(approx. $91.34)
4 people¥11,000
(approx. $71.77)
5 to 10 people¥64,000
(approx. $417.55)

-Prices shown are per person except for the 5 to 10 person line where the prices shown are for the group.

-Adult rate from 12 years old. 15% discount for children between 6 and 11 years old. Free for children under 6 years old.

-For groups of more than 10 people, please contact us to know the applied rates.

These rates includeThese rates do not include

  • Fully privatized support

  • Planning and preparation of itineraries according to your desires and interests

  • Transportation costs for the guide to reach you and return to his home

  • Your personal expenses (transportation, meals, entrance fees, bike rental, etc.)

  • Any insurance (travel insurance, private insurance...)

  • The various entries of the guide (temples, museums, parks, etc.) as well as his transportation expenses during the day of visit

  • The lunch of your guide

-Transport and accommodation costs may also be charged if the guide travels to Nagoya from another city (Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama or Tokyo).

Reservation and Contact

The payment and reservation process is as follows :

STEP 1: You make your reservation request via our reservation form.

STEP 2: We will respond within 48 hours and confirm your request.

STEP 3: Finalize the order. A secure payment link will be sent to you. The amount to be paid will represent 25% of the total amount.

-Please note that this deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation.

-Payment of the balance must be made in cash to the guide on the day of the tour.

-Accepted currencies: only yen.


For all reservations, please fill in the reservation form – Visits


To reserve, please make your selection and complete the reservation form – Visits


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